Business activities

  The company's business activity relates to manufacture, sale, repair, rent and maintenance of equipment for oil and gas companies engaged in drilling, development and work over of wells.

  • Non-Magnetic Drill Collars and Manufacture

    Schoeller-Bleckmann Darron Russia is the leading company in sales of non-magnetic drill collars (NMDC) with high non-magnetic and mechanical properties providing resistance to various types of corrosion.

  • BICO downhole equipment

    "Sholler-Blekmann Darron Russia" is an official distributor of BICO Drilling Tools (Houston, USA) in the Russian Federation and countries of the former Soviet Union. BICO is a part of Schoeller-Bleckmann Oilfield Equipment AG ('SBOAG') International Holding.


    We are offering BICO equipment for sale, rent, service and repair.

  • PBL circulation subs

    A PBL circulation sub is an auto-gate bypass system for multiple activations, a simple professional tool built into the BHA during drilling, development and work over of wells. It allows the reduction significantly of time and cost of expensive Pull Out Of Hole.

  • Non-destructive testing

    Schoeller-Bleckmann Darron Russia renders the services of equipment and threaded connections non-destructive testing:

     – Dye-penetrant inspection, DPI.

    Magnetic-particle inspection, MPI.

    Ultrasonic testing (wall thickness measurement), UT.