Non-Magnetic Drill Collars and Manufacture

Manufacture of Non-magnetic drill collars, drill stem subs, and threading for rotary shouldered connections.

 Schoeller-Bleckmann Darron Russia is the leading company in sales of non-magnetic heavy drill collars (NMDC) with high non-magnetic and mechanical properties providing resistance to various types of corrosion.

 The Company is engaged in manufacture of downhole drilling equipment made of high-strength non-magnetic steel both of its own raw material and  customer's material:

 – NMDC, shortened NMDC with the diameter from 89mm (3 ½ “) to 304.8mm (12”);

 –Non-magnetic and steel subs;

 –Non-magnetic and steel calibrators, stabilizers;

 – Lifting subs;

 –and threading for rotary shouldered connections on Non-magnetic drill collars, drill stem subs, & stabilizers

– NMDC rent


Non-magnetic properties of NMDC:

 Relative magnetic permeability:

- steel Р530 ≤ 1.001;

- steel Р550 ≤ 1.005.

Magnetic field gradient (corrosion area) ≤ 0.5 micro Tesla (µТ)

One of the important advantages of our NMDC is the internal surface machining which makes the nonmagnetic equipment resistant to stress corrosion cracking inside the grains. Due to machining, the nominal thickness of the level of compressive stresses along the circumference and axis is 4.75mm; thus, it provides more time for resistance to stress corrosion cracking.


Mechanical properties and composition of applied non-magnetic steels: