BICO downhole drilling motors

Schoeller-Bleckmann Darron Russia is engaged in sale, lease, maintenance and repair of BICO Drilling Tools downhole drilling motors.

 Downhole drilling motors are presented in sizes ranging from 1-11/16” (43mm) to 11 ¼” (285mm). Currently, sizes from 1-11 / 16” (43 mm) to 6 ¾” (172 mm) are mostly applied in the territory of the Russian Federation.

 Advantages of downhole drilling motors produced by BICO

 High-precision shaped stator with Evenwall® elastomer produced by Kaechele (Germany). SpiroStar stators guarantee unprecedented strength due to application of rubber seals having uniform thickness. This revolutionary design doubles the capacity at the actual elimination of hysteresis.

 Rotor with tungsten-carbide coating resistant to high-concentrated salt solutions.

 Reliable reinforced spindle with radial carbide supports.

 Upper and lower emergency response unit, reducing the risk of an emergency situation due to breakdown of downhole drilling equipment.

 А. Lower spindle emergency response device which prevents it from falling out of the spindle body in the event of shaft breakage.

 B. Top emergency response device serves to hold the rotor of downhole drilling equipment parts in case of breakdown of body parts or thread.

 Ability to work with a wide range of drilling fluid flow.

 Operation under extreme conditions at a temperature of up to 240° C.

 Ability to work with different types of drilling fluids:

 А. Oil-based.

 B. Water-based.

 C. Aerated solutions and nitrogen mixtures (customized).


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