Hevi-Hitter hydro-mechanical drilling jars

 One of BICO's activities is manufacturing of Hevi-Hitter hydro-mechanical drilling jars.

 Heavy-Hitter hydro-mechanical drilling jars produced by BICO provide effective guarantee of drilling programs successful implementation.

 Properly installed and operated drilling jars are able to free the trapped drill columns, avoiding implementation of expensive fishing works.

 Benefits and features of Heavy-Hitter drilling jars produced by BICO Drilling Tools:

 – Mechanical lock enables to avoid the necessety to open the jar prior to feeding into the well and effectively eliminates unintended tripping during snubbing operations.

 – Axial viscosity controller ensures stability of hydraulic breaks using the compensation of hydraulic fluid viscosity changes caused by temperature fluctuations.

 – Robust spline joints system ensures reliable transmission of power.

 – Nominal shutter installation can be installed in such a manner as to ensure the jar operation both in tension and compression conditions.


All additional information can be found on the company's website  www.bicodrilling.com.