The PBL™ Multiple Activation Bypass System is a simple and reliable tool which diverts 100% of the flow through side ports into the annulus. Originally developed to enable the aggressive pumping of LCM and to increase circulation rates for enhanced hole cleaning, the PBL has evolved to benefit many applications in the drilling, completion, and workover phases of well.


  • Reverse Circulation through tool (Auto-Lock Function)
  • Possibility to use as a dump sub
  • Tool can be activated using heavy dart without pumping.
  • Pumping of any types of LCM, fillers, aggressive and cement compositions
  • The ability to isolate and pump above MWD/LWD or Drilling Motor limitations enables to clean the hole thoroughly while circulating the hole clean with lower pump pressure (SPP)
  • Fluid displacement
  • Acidizing and stimulation
  • Drilling with coring
  • Well completion after hydraulic fracting, for cleaning and injection of acid, nitrogen, foam mixture to stimulate inflow