Stub Welding

Narrow Gap Welding is represented in-house by a Polysoude installation. Its distinguishing feature is the efficiency of welding parts with a larger material wall thickness. Also, this installation can use both cold filler wire and hot, which allows less heat to be used to melt it. Installation of orbital welding with a non-consumable electrode in a protective atmosphere of argon is intended for restoration work by welding the so-called "stub" from non-magnetic steel. This procedure allows you to give a second life to the customer's parts instead of scrap due to a critical length, due to repairs, or damage to surfaces is inevitable. The attached element has identical material parameters, and subsequent machining will exactly repeat the geometry, with the required accuracy and roughness. Also, STUB WELDING is capable of overlaying up to 8 inches outside diameter in any part of the part, with sufficient wall thickness. This allows you to restore the geometry and characteristics of the part, due to excessive wear or corrosion, as well as apply an additional protective layer of HARDBANDING metal.