Turning at SBDR is a machine park of 13 machines, 7 of which are CNC machines. From small lathes to heavy Weiler high precision machines. Processing is carried out by qualified operators, using modern metal cutting tools and precise quality control methods.


  • - External turning of workpieces with diameters up to 540 mm and lengths for machining in centers up to 6000 mm / up to 11000 mm on steady rests
  • - Internal turning with anti-vibration mandrels up to 1600 mm long
  • - Turning any shaped surfaces
  • - Cutting rectangular and radius face grooves
  • - Drilling with mechanical drills
  • - Cutting and repair of all types of threaded connections on CNC machines
  • - Side drilling of workpieces with an offset from the center
  • - Machining deep internal grooving